Collision between genes and life style

Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the world of today. The cause is that we are not biologically adapted to our way of living.

The highest increase of diabetes occurs in countries where the living standards increases very fast. Only 20 years ago the disease was almost unknown in the developing countries. Today it is very common, onlu in China nearly 100 millions suffers from diabetes. In India more than 50 millions. The prognosis shows that several more will be affected.

- In this short time our genes have not changed but they determines how we react on our surrounding and lifestyle, which dramatically and quickly has changed, says Leif Groop, professor in endocrinology as well as coordinator of Lund University Diabetes Centre.

Text: Tord Ajanki/Ulrika Blom-Nilsson

Picture: Gabor, Dreamstime